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Understanding feeding tubes

Words that are included in the glossary appear in blue boldface type.



The area of your body that covers your stomach.

Balloon port

An opening in your feeding tube that only your doctor uses. Your doctor uses the balloon port to inflate and deflate the balloon that keeps your feeding tube in place.


A round disc on your standard-profile Entuit Thrive feeding tube. The bolster lies against your abdomen on the outside of your body to help keep your feeding tube in place.

Bolus feeding

Taking a large amount of liquid food, usually through a syringe, within a short period of time several times a day.

Catheter-tipped syringe

A device that is used to inject liquid food into your feeding tube for bolus feeding, and to flush your feeding tube with water. This 60 mL syringe has a tapered tip that easily fits into your feeding tube or your feeding set.


Being unable to empty your bowels.

Continuous feeding

Taking liquid food by using a pump or a bag to move the food into your feeding tube at a slow, steady rate (for example, over a period of 8-24 hours).


A condition in which your body doesn’t have as much water and fluids as it should have.


Having frequent, watery bowel movements.

Feeding port

The opening in your feeding tube where liquid food is inserted.

Feeding set

A special bag that contains liquid food and connects to your feeding tube directly. A feeding set can also connect to a feeding pump.


To rinse the inside of your feeding tube with liquid.


A mixture of vitamins and nutrients that your doctor prescribes. You can buy ready-to-use formula, or you can buy powdered formula that you mix with water.

Gastrostomy tube (G-tube)

A type of feeding tube that is placed through the skin of your abdomen and into your stomach.

Gravity feeding

Taking liquid food from a bag that is suspended in the air on a hook or pole. Gravity causes the liquid food to flow into the feeding tube.


The part of your feeding tube that connects to bolus extension connectors, continuous extension connectors, and syringes.

Leftover liquid food

Liquid food that remains in your stomach from a previous feeding.

Liquid food

Food that is taken through your feeding tube.

Locking adapter

The part of your Entuit Thrive feeding tube that locks.

Medicine port

The opening where you put medicine in your feeding tube.


The part of a syringe that pushes water or liquid food into your feeding tube.

Pump feeding

A continuous feeding method in which a pump pushes liquid food through your feeding tube.


A hole through the abdomen. This hole leads to the stomach.


A device that is used to inject liquid food into your feeding tube for bolus feeding, to flush your feeding tube with water, and to inject medicine into the medicine port of your feeding tube.