Understanding your Entuit Thrive

Understanding feeding tubes

To place your feeding tube, your doctor puts a tube through your nose and into your stomach. The doctor puts air into the tube to inflate your stomach in order to more easily reach your stomach from outside your body.

The doctor makes a small hole through your abdomen that leads to your stomach. This hole is called a stoma. The doctor places the feeding tube through the stoma and inflates the balloon at the end of the feeding tube. The inflated balloon helps keep your feeding tube in place.

Will my feeding tube need to be replaced?

Your doctor will probably replace your Entuit Thrive feeding tube regularly to make sure that it continues to work correctly. Replacing a feeding tube is often easier than placing it for the first time. Your doctor will follow these steps to replace your tube:

  • Deflate the balloon that keeps your feeding tube in place in your stomach.
  • Remove your feeding tube through the stoma.
  • Insert a new feeding tube through the stoma and inflate the balloon to keep the tube in place.